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HCS by Lori J. Bennett Inc. is a full service cleaning business that wants to help you save time. We are not like all the other cleaning services out there. That's because we do very detailed cleaning, by the room. If you are looking for good service, reasonable rates, and no contracts, then you are in the right place.

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About Lori J Bennett

Lori J Bennett started her cleaning venture in 1993, but before that, she had a very unique and interesting history. The daughter of Hans and Hannelore George, she grew up in the Bronx, NY, as a first generation German in a fine Jewish neighborhood. Her father worked a full and a part time job. During the day he was the chief model maker for Ethan Allen. Making and remaking model pieces for the design department until the design was perfected. Then, when given the ok, the furniture piece went into production. At night, her father cleaned different office buildings in Manhattan, including offices in the World Trade Center. On Saturday mornings, he would clean the church where he and his family attended, preparing the building for the weeks services. As a very young girl, Lori would go with her father and help clean the church, and as she got older, she would often visit the model shop with her sister. Lori grew to appreciate fine wood and the different techniques used in carving intricate pieces of furniture. When she graduated from high school, Lori went to work for Ethan Allen Corporate while attending Western Connecticut State in the evenings. This appreciation for quality has translated to her cleaning business as she and her husband teach and train their associates to deliver the value and quality that her customers are looking for.

We incorporated our business in 2007. However, the goal of our business is still the same. To provide the best cleaning service to you with the highest quality, honesty, and integrity.
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